Your air conditioner is essential for the comfort of your household when it’s hot in Farmington, AR. A well-maintained AC system performs at its best with less energy consumption, lowering your utility bills. Scheduling regular AC maintenance can prevent major breakdowns. Here are four AC maintenance tips your air conditioner will love.

Replace Your AC Filters

Changing the air conditioner’s filters is an easy and important task to enhance your system’s effectiveness and energy efficiency. The AC filters trap allergens, dust and debris to improve indoor air quality. It’s advisable to change your AC filter regularly — at least every 30 days. A clogged filter causes strain to the system and increases energy usage, which will raise your utility bills.

Inspect Your Ductwork

The ductwork is an important part of your HVAC system that contributes to great indoor air quality. It’s best if you inspect your ductwork and check for any cracks, leaks and holes and, if you find any, seal them to enhance the cooling system’s effectiveness.

Clear the Drainage Hole

The drainage hole of the air conditioner is always at the cabinet’s base. To enhance the AC system’s effectiveness, the drainage hole needs to be clean and free of clogs. The drainage hole is always small, and you can clean it using a wire or a paper clip.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Finally, scheduling professional AC maintenance is the best way to ensure your cooling system is ready for the hot weather. A professional can complete a comprehensive list of checks to care for and repair all components in the air conditioner. As a result, you’ll enjoy lower cooling bills and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Performing AC maintenance won’t only enhance your system’s reliability and effectiveness. It’ll also increase the lifespan of your air conditioner. Call Morrow Heat & Air, LLC to schedule professional maintenance of your AC system in Farmington, AR.

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