If you’re interested in the home automation options for your Farmington, Arkansas, home, you’re certainly not alone. Smart technology and its application for residential property owners has grown rapidly. Smartphone-controlled ovens and washers are becoming more popular. One home automation option that won’t break the bank is a smart thermostat for your home’s HVAC system.

Control from Anywhere

Smart thermostats can usually work with existing HVAC systems, as long as yours isn’t more than a decade old. This unit is accessible from your smartphone or tablet via an app. That makes it easy for you to adjust the settings from anywhere.

A smart thermostat is especially appealing to those who tend to forget to adjust the system when leaving on vacation or as the seasons change. If you’re in this boat, you can simply open the app on your phone from the airport or before you leave work to head home for the day. This will ensure a comfortable atmosphere when you walk through the door while reducing energy waste.

Improved Efficiency

Smart thermostats also eliminate human error, which can cost a lot in monthly bills. Some of the habits we have when it comes to thermostat adjustments and settings can waste a lot of energy, which reduces the efficiency of your system.

A smart thermostat can learn your schedule and comfort preferences. It can then make automatic adjustments for optimal energy usage. As you come and go, the thermostat can adapt to the typical schedule and make quick changes when your habits deviate from the norm.

Easy to Use

Although people who shy away from the latest technology tend to be uncomfortable with the idea of a Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen device, smart thermostats are actually quite user-friendly.

A simple touch of the screen will activate it. You can raise or lower the temperature, switch the mode, or check the outdoor temperature. It’s also easy to control your system from your phone, which you’re probably more familiar with than your programmable thermostat anyway.

Take advantage of what HVAC technology can do for your comfort and cost savings. Add a smart thermostat to your heating and cooling system by calling Morrow Heat & Air, LLC at (866) 821-7712.

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