The hot, humid summers in Farmington, AR, make you turn to your central air conditioning system for relief. This fine-tuned machine has a multitude of mechanical and electrical parts. When there’s a problem, your air conditioner will tell you with unusual sounds, short cycles, bad odors or poor temperature or humidity control. Pay attention to these issues and don’t let them turn into a major AC repair.

Dirty Air Filter or Coils

With each cooling cycle, the air filter traps dust and dirt. Over time, the filter’s pores fill. A dirty air filter hinders airflow, overworking your air conditioner. Dirty coils interfere with heat dissipation, which could cause the system to overheat. Professional tuneups take care of these small issues and prevent the failure of essential parts.

Clogged Condensate Line

During a cooling cycle, the moisture in your home’s warm air condenses into water. The air conditioner’s condensate line collects and drains the water, sending it to your main drain. Over time, muck builds up in the condensate drain. If the drain clogs, water could back up. As a result, it’ll cause major damage. Between tuneups, you can clean the condensate drain and prevent a major AC repair or replacement.

Improper Refrigerant Level

Finally, a refrigerant leak reduces your air conditioner’s effectiveness. Once enough of the chemical refrigerant leaks out, the system will automatically shut down. Too much refrigerant is also a problem. It causes excessive pressure. As a result, it could damage the compressor’s coils. Only licensed service technicians should check your air conditioner’s refrigerant level. If the level is low, we can complete the AC repair.

Ignoring a small issue with your air conditioner today could lead to costly and extensive repairs in the future. By scheduling a professional air conditioner repair now, you can avoid a disruption to your comfort and prevent a total malfunction of your cooling system. For more information about the benefits of AC repairs, call Morrow Heat & Air, LLC today.

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