The HVAC industry is changing, with a renewed focus on eco-friendly ways to heat and cool spaces. If you’re interested in the latest technology for your Fayetteville, Arkansas, home, consider the following environmentally friendly options:

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are commonly used in areas with moderate climates, since they provide heating and cooling. A heat pump operates more efficiently than a traditional HVAC system. Some heat pumps are powered by geothermal energy, which comes from the Earth. For heating, a geothermal heat pump transfers heat from the core of the Earth to your home. It utilizes the same technology in reverse when you need to cool the space.

HVAC Zoning

Another efficient way to heat and cool your home is to create targeted zones. HVAC zoning helps you manage the indoor temperature more efficiently as you can set your thermostat in a specific area rather than running the HVAC system to alter the temperature in rooms that aren’t currently in use. As a result, you’ll reduce how much energy your system uses, which keeps your bills under control.

Variable Speed Technology

Variable speed technology is now available in certain HVAC units. These units offer several advantages over those that operate at a single speed.

Variable speed heating and cooling units use the precise amount of power they need to maintain the temperature you set. The motor uses less energy when supplying power to the compressor because it can operate at incremental rates of speed instead of on full blast. As a result, they help you keep energy bills under control.

Additionally, the technology offers better humidity control. Since this type of motor can speed up or slow down as needed, the compressor in the system doesn’t have to cycle on and off as often. As a result, this helps to prevent breakdowns and to extend the lifespan of the system.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to reduce your carbon footprint. At Morrow Heat & Air, LLC, we stay ahead of the latest eco-friendly innovations in the HVAC industry. Contact us at (866) 821-7712 to learn more about the innovative systems we offer and install.

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