Spring is here, which means homeowners in Farmington, Arkansas, will soon start to turn on their air conditioning systems. But is your AC system in need of constant repair or aging? If so, it might be time to consider a replacement or an upgrade, and spring is the perfect time to do it. Here are two features to consider in a new air conditioner:

Variable Speed Compressor

Before variable speed technology, homeowners in Farmington were only able to select between a single-stage and a two-stage HVAC system.

A single-stage HVAC system only has one setting when it operates: high. By today’s standards, this type of system is highly inefficient and doesn’t give you much control over your comfort. A two-stage HVAC system is a little more efficient, offering a second level of operation: high and low. Most homeowners can reach their desired comfort levels with this low setting, which helps reduce frequent cycling and maintains constant temperatures in your home.

A variable speed HVAC system offers so much more, though.

Staging refers to an AC system’s ability to operate at a lower capacity to improve efficiency and comfort. Variable speed HVAC systems, which run at incremental speeds and have up to 750 stages, eliminate temperature fluctuations and reduce how much electricity you consume to cool your home. Here are some statistics to consider:

  • A single-stage system stops and starts up to 72 times every 24 hours.
  • It takes up to eight times more energy for a single-stage system to start and stop.
  • It takes a single-stage system 20 minutes to reach full capacity.

Compressor Sound Insulator

The air conditioning system currently in your home might not operate loud enough to annoy you, unless your dog barks every time it turns on and off. But with a quieter AC cooling your home this summer, you won’t want a noisy unit again.

Conventional AC systems operate at about 75 decibels, which is louder than a passenger car traveling at 65 miles per hour on the highway. Conversely, today’s air conditioners operate as quietly as 50 decibels, or as quiet as a library.

To learn more about the AC systems and services we offer, contact Morrow Heating & Air today at (866) 821-7712. We’re here to help you not only survive the hot summer in Northwest Arkansas but do so in comfort.

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