When the cold weather hits in Bentonville, Arkansas, you want to feel confident that your furnace will perform effectively. One of the best ways to ensure that your heater will run efficiently is to have it maintained on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at when you should have your furnace maintained, why maintenance is important, and which tasks you can perform yourself versus those best left to the professionals.

The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

It’s best to have your furnace maintained by our experts in the fall before you first turn it on. When our experts visit your home for an inspection, we look for specific things. We want to make sure that there are no carbon monoxide leaks, the gas burner assembly is working properly, and all of the furnace’s parts are running smoothly. A well-maintained furnace will:

  • Help you save money on energy bills
  • Keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid
  • Prevent an unexpected breakdown that could result in emergency repairs

Tasks a Homeowner Can Perform

There are a few tasks that you can perform throughout the winter to keep your furnace running well. The air filters in your furnace need changing at least once every three months. If you suffer from allergies or own pets, change yours every month for added protection. Remember to also keep the area around the furnace clear of debris. Furnaces are complex. Therefore, leave the rest of maintenance to a service technician.

What We Do During a Maintenance Visit

Our service technicians have a long checklist of important tasks to complete when they arrive for an inspection. Some of the tasks include:

  • Looking for any kind of leaks
  • Inspecting the burner assembly
  • Lubricating parts
  • Inspecting belts
  • Making essential calibrations
  • Making sure the motor is performing properly
  • Checking that all the thermostat settings are correct

Although we recommend scheduling furnace maintenance in the fall before you turn your heating system on, it’s never a bad time to have a professional look at it. Contact Morrow Heat & Air, LLC at (866) 821-7712 to schedule a furnace maintenance visit today!

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