Dealing with seasonal allergies in Bentonville, Arkansas, is a common problem among those who live in the area. As the seasons change, new allergens pop up and make their way into your home where they can cause a variety of unpleasant health symptoms. Allergy-proof your home by taking some steps to keep allergens out and maintain healthy indoor air.

Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier is one of the best ways to remove allergens and contaminants from the air you breathe. You can get smaller tabletop units to place in the bedrooms of those who suffer from allergies or invest in a whole-home purification system that works with your HVAC system.

It’s also important to make sure the air moving through the ducts of your heating and cooling system is clean. Bring in a professional for regular duct cleaning to remove dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, pollen and other contaminants.

Clean Often

The fibers of your carpet, upholstery, and linens tend to trap allergens and release them back into the air you breathe. Cleaning these surfaces and items frequently will help reduce allergy symptoms in your home.

Wash your bedding and curtains in hot water to kill dust mites and other potential contaminants. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency air filter that can remove smaller particles and keep the air clean. Remove any items from the tabletops in your home that collect dust, such as reading materials, knick-knacks and other ornaments.

Groom Your Furry Friends

If you have pets in your home, their fur and dander could be causing allergies as well. Bathe furry friends regularly. Keep them out of the bedrooms to maintain a healthier atmosphere in the rooms where you sleep. Brush them often to remove dander that could make its way into the air.

At Morrow Heat & Air, LLC, we provide a number of indoor air quality solutions and maintenance services that can reduce allergies. Contact us at (866) 821-7712 to learn more about preventing allergens from attacking your home.

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