Northwest Arkansas enjoys a full range of temperatures throughout the year. That includes sweltering summer days and frosty winter nights. That’s why anyone planning a new home construction project in the area should carefully consider their heating and air conditioning needs during the design and build phases. It can be much cheaper and easier to install a HVAC system during construction rather than after. With that said, here are three HVAC considerations for your new home construction project in Fayetteville, Arkansas:

Addressing System Requirements

Before you can build your home to accommodate an HVAC system, you must decide what kind of setup you want to incorporate. For many homeowners, the decision comes down to either central or ductless. While there are many factors that influence this decision, ductless systems often offer the opportunity for greater efficiency and flexibility.

Placing Vents, Fixtures and Appliances

Another thing you need to think about when planning a new home construction is component placement. Locations of ceiling fans, vents or ductless units throughout the house can impact overall efficiency and effectiveness. You’ll also need to designate an appropriate place for centralized HVAC equipment.

Managing Airflow and Overall Efficiency

The pattern of air circulation through the home and its exposure to the outdoor environment are key factors in determining long-term operating costs. Consider the amount of open or used space within the home, particularly areas that you won’t use every day. Ideally, systems should be designed to allow you to limit heating and cooling areas that you often use. The quality of insulation, windows and door seals are also important for cutting down on power costs.

Professional HVAC Solutions for New Homes

There’s no substitute for insight from a seasoned expert when it comes to handling concerns and considerations during a new home construction. Consult the HVAC professionals at Morrow Heat & Air, LLC to ensure your home is compatible and optimized for your desired system setup. Contact us today.

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