The air filter in your HVAC unit greatly impacts indoor air quality and comfort levels. It also influences the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The dirtier the filter, the harder the system has to work to heat and cool your Farmington, Arkansas, home, which translates to higher energy bills. Even if you change the HVAC filter once a month, you may notice it gets dirty in a short amount of time. There are many simple reasons your filters are filling up fast.

The Fan is Set to "On"

Your thermostat likely has a fan mode. You can set it to either "On" or "Auto." When it’s set to "On," the fan will run around the clock, even when the system isn’t heating or cooling your home. Adjusting to this setting is a great way to improve indoor air quality. On the downside, because of the enhanced filtering, the filter is will collect dust and other particles quickly. You can always switch the fan to "Auto" to alleviate this issue.

Dirt Near the Return Vents

Dirt and dust along with other airborne allergens tend to build up around air vents. As a result, these contaminants are pulled directly into the air vents and accumulate on the filter. To keep this from happening, you should clean your home once a week, paying close attention to the return vents. Give any indoor pets a bath every few days to keep dander from collecting near the vents as well.

Filter is Too Thick

In some cases, a dirty HVAC filter can actually be a good sign. It means it’s doing its job at catching airborne particles. However, when using a heavy, pleated filter, it’s going to catch a massive amount of contaminants in a short amount of time.

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