Your indoor air likely has more pollutants than the air outside. Biological contaminants, dust and dirt accumulation can lower the quality of your indoor air. Here are some of the benefits of installing an air purifier in Farmington, AR:

Seasonal Allergy Control

Allergens, dust and biological pollutants can trigger seasonal allergies for and your family. If you have people in your family who suffer from seasonal allergies, you must acquire an air purifier. It’ll provide safe and healthy indoor air by eliminating these allergens and contaminants.

Increase Energy Efficiency

By reducing air pollutants in your indoor air, air purifiers help to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. Air pollutants make your system work harder to cool your home, leading to high energy consumption and increased wear and tear. Installing an air purifier will help you save money and increase the life expectancy of your system.

Eliminate VOCs and Toxic Gasses

Finally, toxic gasses like carbon monoxide and radon gas can enter your indoor air. They’re both odorless and colorless gasses that can lead to respiratory problems and even death in high concentrations. Installing an air purifier can help eliminate these toxic gasses and improve your health.

Some household cleaning products and aerosols contain toxic chemicals like chlorine, ammonia and phthalates. Exposure to these chemicals in high concentrations can lead to health issues like cancer, tumors, neurological and cardiovascular disorders. The REME HALO Air Purifier can kill up to 99% of these chemicals and prevents several health issues.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, gasoline and formaldehyde are commonly found in paints, paint products, air fresheners and aerosol sprays. They can break down and release unpleasant odors in your home. As a result, they can lower your comfort. Installing an air purifier will help to eliminate these odors and improve the quality of your indoor air.

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