If you want to stay comfortable and save cash while you use your HVAC system in Farmington, AR, it may be time to upgrade to a smart thermostat. This guide will inform you why upgrading is a smart strategy.

A Smart Thermostat is a Better Option

A smart thermostat has advanced technology that’s always accurate. Mercury thermostats aren’t very reliable because they have a needle. If the needle rusts, it won’t trigger or end heating and cooling cycles properly.

Digital thermostats are also available. Although this thermostat is similar to a smart model, a digital thermostat lacks key features that provide convenience, such as smart hardware.


Because smart thermostats have remote features, they have the ability to adjust temperatures via an app. The software that controls the thermostat runs on a phone or tablet, so you can access it wherever you go.

Financial Benefits

Smart thermostats help homeowners save a lot of cash throughout the year. The remote technology is the key because it saves energy instead of wasting it.

A typical homeowner who has a traditional thermostat often wastes energy by letting an air conditioner or heater run while the home is empty. A smart thermostat’s remote power and temperature management capabilities offer a practical solution to this common issue.

Less Maintenance

All standard thermostats need frequent maintenance because they have multiple components that are delicate. If one of these parts breaks down or malfunctions, a mercury thermostat will experience efficiency and performance problems. After a service technician installs a smart thermostat, it won’t require frequent maintenance like a mercury thermostat does because it has better hardware.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a smarter thermostat, contact Morrow Heat & Air, LLC, to schedule an appointment. We can provide additional information to help you make an informed decision when upgrading your HVAC equipment.

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