If you notice that every time you look at the thermostat it’s set at a different temperature, there’s a good chance you have a “thermostat war” going on. No matter how many people you have living under one roof in your Farmington, Arkansas, home, it never fails that one person feels too hot and another is always too cold. So, how can you sign a peace treaty with everyone comfortable and happy? Here are a few tips:

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re sweating in summer and shivering in winter, there may be concerns about saving money. However, the amount you’ll save by keeping the thermostat set outside comfortable parameters is probably not worth the stress.

Programmable thermostats help a lot. You can set them for a lower or higher temperature when nobody’s home, and they automatically change to a comfortable setting when you return. They save you money on your energy bill, so you can afford to keep it at a comfortable temperature without financial woes.

Use Ceiling Fans

In the summertime, those who prefer to keep it cooler can do so comfortably when the air is moving, so fans are your friends. With a ceiling fan, you can raise the thermostat by 5 degrees with no reduction in comfort level. Make sure they rotate in a counterclockwise direction in summer.

Use a Zoned or Ductless HVAC System

Installing a zoned or ductless HVAC system allows you to keep different parts of the home at different temperatures. This won’t help you if you’re all in the same room. But individual bedrooms can be controlled by their residents, as can home offices and family rooms.

Modern technology gives us the ability to control our homes in ways we never could before, and this includes the temperature. Give Morrow Heat & Air, LLC a call at (866) 821-7712, and we’ll make sure nobody in your home feels too hot or too cold, no matter the season.

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