It’s common for a furnace in Fayetteville, AR, to give off some smell while running. But not every smell is normal. This article discusses some common furnace odors and what they mean.

Electrical Burning

Your furnace may give off an ozone smell if it begins to overheat. Age and worn parts sometimes lead to overheating, which can damage electrical insulation and spark fires. If you smell burning, turn off your heater and call us right away.


Sulfur indicates there’s natural gas in the area and that your furnace may have a gas leak. This situation can easily become dangerous. Leave your home right away and schedule heating repairs from an HVAC professional.

Burning Oil

A smoking or burning smell may occur if items near your furnace get too near the pilot light and begin to burn. Another cause of this smell applies only if you have an oil-fueled furnace. If all the oil isn’t ignited as it passes through the burner, it remains as a flammable fog that may ignite and cause burning and fire.


A dusty or musty smell coming from your furnace typically occurs during the first few uses of the season due to the burning of dust that has accumulated on the unit over the warm season. The smell should gradually lessen over the first weeks of use. If it persists, try changing your filter.

Dirty Socks

We all know the musty and pungent odor of dirty socks that’s oddly reminiscent of a boys locker room. In the cooler months, the constant cycling between cool outdoor environments and heat when you run your furnace results in bacteria buildup on your system’s heating coils. The best solution to this problem is to have your HVAC system professionally cleaned.

Need a furnace tuneup before the cold weather blows through? Give Morrow Heat & Air, LLC a call to set up your maintenance appointment today.

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