It’s hard to stay warm when it’s cold in Farmington, Arkansas, without using your heater. Fortunately, you can save energy and money by caring for your heater and making the right upgrades. Stay comfortable in your home this winter by following these four simple steps:

Add Insulation

Your home’s insulation can become compressed and less effective over time. It can also contain biological growth or droppings from pests.

Adding new insulation and removing damaged material can prevent heat loss and save you energy. Adding weatherstripping under your doors and windows will help to keep heat in and the cold out of your house. As a result, you’ll tighten your thermal envelope and save money.

Seal Leaks

To find air leaks, turn off your HVAC system. Then, carry around a candle or some incense. When the smoke moves or the light flickers, you may have a leak that you need to repair. Also check for cold spots on your walls or floors to find issues stemming from poor insulation or leaks.

Use HVAC Zoning

An HVAC system with zoning can keep separate rooms at different temperatures. You won’t have to heat any empty areas, and everyone can choose the temperatures they prefer in their respective bedrooms. As a result, you’ll conserve energy and avoid family disputes.

You can have a professional HVAC technician install dampers in your ductwork to direct warm or cold air where you need it. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a ductless system and install more than one indoor air handler to set up zones within your home.

Schedule Maintenance

Have an HVAC expert check your heater at least once a year to prevent problems that waste energy. You should change your air filter at least every few months. Keep shrubs and other vegetation away from your outdoor HVAC unit for better airflow.

Morrow Heat & Air, LLC has decades of heating and air conditioning experience. If you need assistance with maintaining or upgrading your heating system, call us at (866) 821-7712. Our team will make sure you feel comfortable all winter.

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