Waiting until freezing temperatures hit Farmington, AR, isn’t the best time to discover that your HVAC system needs repair. Learn why it’s optimal to schedule your next HVAC maintenance appointment on a fall day before cold winter temperatures appear.

Complete Repairs Before You Need Your Heater

A moderate fall day makes for the perfect HVAC maintenance appointment. Your service technician has time to winterize your AC unit and check the heating system for any defects.

Fall maintenance potentially picks up on any repair needs that must get done so that you don’t experience a failed system during freezing weather. Losing your heat when temperatures drop below freezing opens you up to frozen pipes and unsafe living conditions. Get prepared now by scheduling your maintenance before it gets too cold outside.

Lower Your Winter Power Bills

A well-maintained HVAC system runs efficiently. This improved efficiency means that you won’t spend as much on electricity. Keep those winter electric bills as low as possible by scheduling fall HVAC maintenance.

Improve Winter Air Quality

Warm weather means an open house. You keep windows open on cool summer nights, and this process helps keep your home’s air quality fresh.

Winter weather means that you and your family live in a closed environment because you can’t open the windows during freezing temperatures. This places more dependency on a well-functioning HVAC system to provide the proper indoor air quality.

Getting maintenance performed during the fall provides your service technician time to check for potential HVAC system repair needs. It’s far better to complete repair jobs on a fall day when you don’t need to use the furnace than on a cold winter day when you need it.

Avoid Fire or Carbon Monoxide Risks

Don’t go into the winter without knowing that you’re safe from fire risks or carbon monoxide exposure. Bring one of our HVAC service technicians in during the fall to check for bad wiring or heat exchanger cracks. As a result, you’ll keep your family safe.

Have you neglected to get your HVAC system maintained in the past? Contact Morrow Heat & Air, LLC so that we can schedule your fall HVAC maintenance appointment right away.

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