Your home’s thermostat is your climate control center. It follows your directions, instructs the HVAC system accordingly and helps manage a comfortable temperature inside your home in Farmington, Arkansas. It’s essentially the ‘middle man’ between your desired comfort level and the system that provides it. But problems with your home’s thermostat can arise.

Blown Fuse

The most common reason your thermostat might not work is because of a blown fuse. This happens when your home has fluctuations in the electric current. As a result, high fluctuations can cause the thermostat to trip or burn out.

If your thermostat’s display doesn’t appear, your home might have a blown fuse. To resolve the problem, check your HVAC system’s fuse at the circuit breaker. If it’s tripped, turn the switch off and turn it on again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the fuse.

Bad Battery

Do you own a programmable or smart thermostat? If so, another reason your thermostat’s display might not work is because of a bad battery. Before calling a service technician for a thermostat repair, change its battery first.

Wrong Setting

You might not know it, but your programmable or smart thermostat might stop working if the date and time aren’t properly set. Before you schedule a repair or start shopping for a new thermostat, verify that the correct date and time have been set. Consult your thermostat’s owners manual if you have trouble setting it correctly.

Loose Wires

There are many wires inside a thermostat, and each has a different function. If you’ve verified that the fuses, batteries and settings are good, your thermostat might have loose wires. To avoid injury or further damage, seek professional help.

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