Reliable Heating Repair Services in Northwest Arkansas

Reliable Heating Repair Services in Northwest Arkansas

If your furnace isn’t working like it should, you need an HVAC contractor who you can depend on for a high-quality heating repair. Morrow Heat & Air, LLC, has helped residents in Northwest Arkansas stay warm during the winter for years.

Heating Repair Services

With our 24/7 emergency heat pump and furnace repair services, you’ll never find yourself left out in the cold wondering why you chose an unreliable HVAC contractor. Here’s why customers trust our family-owned business:

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our heating repairs.
  • We advertise flat-rate prices and don’t commission our service technicians.
  • We never try to sell you unnecessary heating parts, systems or services.
  • We only install the most energy-efficient and highest rated furnaces.
  • We screen every service technician who performs your furnace repair.
  • We service all makes and models, including Trane’s heat pumps.

24/7 Emergency Heat Pump and Furnace Repair In Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas doesn’t have brutally cold winters, but you still need a reliable heating source. Whether you have a heat pump or a furnace, you don’t want it breaking down during a polar vortex. And if it does, you want it fixed quickly.

At Morrow Heat & Air, LLC, we’re here to ensure that if you find yourself without heat, it won’t be for long. Our experienced service technicians arrive at your home or business in fully stocked service vehicles equipped with diagnostic tools and replacement parts. They have the training and expertise needed to quickly resolve heater problems and repair your system with one service call.

Here are the most common signs you need a heating repair:

  • The unit blows cold air or doesn’t blow air at all.
  • You have poor airflow or the unit doesn’t turn on.
  • You smell gas or suspect a carbon monoxide leak.
  • The heater is tripping your circuit breaker.
  • You see ice on the coils of your heat pump.
  • Your heat pump is stuck in one mode.
  • The furnace’s burner flame is yellow instead of blue.
  • You see rust on the gas flue pipes or streaks of soot around the furnace.
  • There’s excess moisture on your walls, windows and other cold surfaces.
  • There’s no upward chimney draft.
  • The unit constantly turns on and off.
  • The heater is banging, thumping or making other unusual noises.

Professional Heating Maintenance By A Trusted HVAC Contractor in Northwest Arkansas

Heating systems benefit greatly from regular fall tune-ups in multiple ways. Maintenance increases indoor comfort, because it optimizes system performance. It makes your heater more efficient, so it costs less to operate it. Tune-ups extend the life of your equipment and can prevent up to 95 percent of unanticipated breakdowns. Morrow Heat & Air, LLC offers service maintenance agreements to help you take care of the system that takes care of you throughout the winter.

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