HVAC Maintenance Plans

HVAC Maintenance Plans

At Morrow Heat & Air, LLC, we’re big fans of routine HVAC maintenance, and we think you should be too. Industry studies show that the biggest threat to HVAC performance is a lack of maintenance. Our mission is to keep your home comfortable, energy costs low and indoor air clean; the easiest way to accomplish that is by properly maintaining your HVAC equipment.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

You should schedule heating maintenance every fall, and you should service your air conditioner every spring. Here’s why residents in Northwest Arkansas leave their maintenance to us:

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our HVAC maintenance services.
  • We provide prompt, friendly and professional HVAC maintenance services.
  • We offer a workmanship guarantee on our HVAC maintenance services.
  • We advertise flat-rate prices and don’t commission our service technicians.
  • We never try to sell you unnecessary HVAC parts, systems or services.
  • We only install the most energy-efficient and highest rated HVAC systems.
  • We screen every service technician who performs your HVAC maintenance.
  • We service all makes and models, including American Standard’s quality HVAC systems.

Professional and Proper HVAC Maintenance In Northwest Arkansas

Our service technicians are all about prevention. Because they’ve had years of hands-on HVAC experience and are highly skilled professionals, they can spot problems before they cause trouble and stop them in their tracks. That saves you money and hassle, but routine HVAC maintenance does more than that.

During a service call, Morrow Heat & Air, LLC will thoroughly inspect and clean your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner. Your service technician will lubricate all moving parts to prevent friction, clean the condensate drain line to prevent clogs and leaks, and clean the condensate drain pan to prevent slimy buildup that can pollute indoor air. Morrow Heat & Air, LLC performs safety inspections on furnaces, checks AC refrigerant levels, adjusts blower components to enhance airflow, and tightens electrical connections to prevent fire hazards.

High-Value Service Maintenance Agreements In Northwest Arkansas

With our service maintenance agreements, you’ll never forget to care for your heating and cooling system. Morrow Heat & Air, LLC’s agreements include:

  • 24/7 priority service
  • No overtime charges
  • Discounts on equipment repairs
  • Discounts on equipment replacements
  • Heat pump or furnace service for heating season
  • Air conditioner service for cooling season
  • Complete equipment cleaning
  • Safety inspections
  • System adjustments
  • Air filter changes

On the other hand, our regular tune-ups only include professional cleaning and adjustments of your heating and cooling system. We also inspect the safety and needs of all units.

Check & Adjust Thermostat Readings
Check & Adjust Thermostat Readings
Test Thermostat Operation
Inspect Air Filter
Inspect Air Filter Housing & Air Seal
Inspect Electrical Disconnect Box
Check Equipment Grounding
Measure & Record Line Voltage
Inspect & Test Contactors & Relays
Inspect Electrical Connections & Wire
Inspect Transformer & Record Voltage
Measure & Record AMP Draw to Blower Motor /Nameplate Data (FLA) As Available
Blower Motor AMPs
Blower Motor Volts
Record Manufacturer Blower Capacitor Rating
Determine & Record Blower Capacitor Readings
Inspect Blower Wheel Blades, Balance, & Connection to Blower Motor Shaft
Inspect Blower Belt Tension- Commercial Only
Inspect Belt & Pulleys for Wear & Tear- Commercial Only
Inspect Drain Pan & Accessible Drain Line for Biological Growth
Test & Inspect Drain Pan Safety Switches
Inspect & Clean Condensate Drain & Traps
Test Condensate Pump
Record Indoor Coil Entering Temperature
Record Indoor Coil Leaving Temperature
Measure & Record Delta T Across Evaporator Coil
Inspect Indoor Coil Fins for Damage
Inspect Indoor Coil for Cleanliness
Inspect Accessible Refrigerant Lines for Oil Leaks
Inspect Refrigerant Line Insulation
Measure Pressure Drop Across Coil
Measure & Record System Refrigeration Charge in Cooling When Delta T is Out of Specifications
Inspect Condenser Fan Motor
Record Condenser Fan Motor Capacitor Readings
Record Manufacturer Fan Capacitor Rating
Record Condenser Fan Motor Amps
Record Condenser Fan Motor Volts
Inspect Condenser Fan Blades, Shroud, & Top of Condenser
Inspect Outdoor Coil for Cleanliness
Rinse Outdoor Coil
Record Outdoor Coil Leaving Temperature
Record Outdoor Coil Entering Temperature
Record Compressor Amps
Record Compressor Volts
Record Suction PSIG
Inspect Cabinet, Cabinet Fasteners & Panels
Inspected for Required Clearance Around Cabinet
Clean & Tighten Electrical Connections as Needed
Lubricate Moving Parts as Needed
Provide Condensate Treatment
Inspect Condensate blowing from Coil into Cabinet
Record Discharge PSIG
Record Superheat
Record Subcool
Record Vapor Saturation
Record Liquid Saturation
Test Zoning Controls Operation & Bypass Dampers
Inspect Grilles, Registers & Diffusers for Dirt
Inspect Accessible Ductwork for Moisture Accumulation or Biological Growth
Inspect Integrity of Accessible Ductwork
Ductwork Sealed?
Clean Drain Pan
Chemically Clean Evaporator Coil if Accessible
Chemically Clean Outdoor Coil

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